We are experienced technology professionals with specialization in a number of industries and disciplines.


We are experienced technology professional with experiences in a number of industries and disciplines.
Go to Cloud & Data Center

Cloud & Data Center

Know-how of building cloud and data centers

Go to System Administration

System Administration

Specialized in network & system administration

Go to DevOps Tools

DevOps Tools

Expert of DevOps tools

Go to Home Automation

Home Automation

Expert in home automation and sensor networking technologies

Go to E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce Solutions

Experience of building E-commerce solutions

Go to CMS Solutions

CMS Solutions

Expert of CMS tools facilitating document control, auditing, editing, and timeline management

Go to CRM Solutions

CRM Solutions

Expert of Customer relationship management (CRM) tools to manage your interaction with customers

PBX Systems

Know-how of building a private telephone network featuring VOIP, conference calling, and automatic call distribution

Go to Web analytics

Web analytics

Know how of web analytics and advertisement campaigns